Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stitch From Stash -January

Stitch from Stash Report for January-
 Amount allowed to be spent for the year $300.00
 Christmas GC $50.00
Total= $350.00
Spent this month 0.00
This month was easy- I have been working on two WIP's-
The Quiltmaker and Pretty Pumpkins.
Here is The Quiltmaker- I've added a few more stitches but haven't been able to take any 
more pictures.
The cross stitches for Pretty Pumpkins are done, I just have to do the back stitching. My plan is to work on The Quiltmaker Monday-Wednesday and Pretty Pumpkins on Thursday. I have also finished the cross stitches on Christmas Spirit- but I've put it in a scroll frame to do the back stitching and to add all the beads- so I don't have any current pictures of it.

      I think that this Stitch from Stash might just backfire- as I look at other blogs I see so many things I'd like to stitch.....


  1. I'm struggling with SFS too Shirley. I keep asking myself whose stupid idea this was... and then remember that it was mine! What was I thinking?!?
    I LOVE those pumpkins!

  2. Well done :) Great SFS report! Mine has just been posted too.

  3. I found your blog through Stitch from Stash - it's a great challenge but I agree it doesn't help seeing so many gorgeous designs. I love your pumpkins, how are you finishing them? I stitched The Quiltmaker for my Mum's 65th birthday which was 10 years ago. I enjoyed stitching it but the amount of blue in her skirt was a challenge. It will be good to see yours growing