Thursday, March 6, 2014

I've interrupted my cross stitching

to do a little sewing. I've long admired Laura Martell's tote patterns. I've even bought a couple of them. When I've read the directions-well let's just say they are not for beginners. I've wanted to take a class with her - but it never worked out. A few weeks ago the stars lined up and I was able to sign up for one. When I went into my LQS to sign up for the class I wasn't sure if the class was already filled since the schedule had been out for awhile, but I was only the second person to sign up. I didn't think the class would go on- so I didn't buy anything for the class. The Friday before the class I got an email from Laura with a supply list and directions for "homework" for the class. I emailed her back and told her that the LQS didn't have the pattern either. Laura sent me enough info to get me started. The pattern we were making is called the Mini Professional Tote. Another complication- we'd been hit with one of our snow storms- so I had to rush to get all the supplies. Besides spending the time to get the supplies- our homework took several hours of ironing Decor-bond to fabric and cutting multiple pattern pieces- we had 2 classes 3 hours each. The tote was still not finished. I finally had time last night to finish it.

This tote has five pockets on the outside, one larger one on the front with a smaller zippered one above it, one one each side  and a small one on the back. Inside there is a medium size pocket with a zipper, with a small pocket on one side, the other side has two small pockets. In the middle is a large pocket with zipper. This pocket has batting on both sides and is large enough to hold a tablet. Now that I've made this one I am going to try the original larger one- the Professional Tote. Laura markets her patterns under the label of "The Creative Thimble"

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