Friday, June 27, 2014

June Stitch From Stash

First the accounting:
      Yes, I did spend some money this month. As I've noted before, while I have plenty of patterns, I don't have a lot of fabric or threads. So this month I bought some fabrics and ok some patterns too.

So here's the math:
      Hold over from May: $102.63
              Spent this month $90.01
               Less the $25.00 for June and the $50.00 bonus
                Leaves $15.01 to be subtracted  from May's holdover
       Balance to carry forward   =87.62.

Here's the first purchase:
    Early in the month I went to my local library where I meet with a  stitching group. On the way out of the library they have a cart where there are books that people donate. Here I was innocently walking by the cart when this book jumped into my arms. It told me that I should support my library by buying it and taking it home with me.

 So home it came with me. It only cost $3.00.
I've just ordered the rest so I'll post about it later.

I've started adding the beads to Christmas Spirit- but I'm not happy with them. With the silver beads I've used grey thread to attach them- it looks like dirty snow- so I'm going to remove them and attach with white floss- if this doesn't look better I'll switch to the plain crystal beads. Not enough progress to post a picture.

Mostly I've worked on The Quiltmaker:

Yes, definitely some progress but still a long way to go. I figure it will still be about three more months of stitching before I finish it.

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