Friday, August 22, 2014

Stitch From Stash August 2014

First the accounting for the month:
          Balance from last month: $69.85
          Allowance for this month + bonus: $25.00 + $25.00
          New Balance $119.85
          Spent this month $72.16
          Ending balance $47.69

What I bought this month is for a project that I will start in September. I'll blog about it when I receive the kit. I'll still have to buy the fabric for it- but I'll wait until next month to buy it.

Now to show some progress- I've been working exclusively on The Quiltmaker- and she's almost done.

The only thing left is the outlining of the quilt squares. The pattern calls for DMC metallic thread- which I bought and used for the buttons on the dress, the needle in the hand and the thread which she is using to quilt with. If you look closely on the second picture you will see it. I started to outline the quilt squares with the thread and it was awful- I was so frustrated with it fraying and knotting, so I stopped. I'm looking for another option. I was showing this at my quilting bee to other night and one of the ladies offered some of her
threads to try. They are Sulky metallic and rayon threads. I'm going to try them and see how they work, if they don't I will order some Petite Treasure Braid to try.

I thought I should show some of the items I bought with my "budget" this year. Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow I hope to start in December and do a block a month and have it done by next Christmas.  "Summer Splendor" will be a quick stitch- but I will wait to order the threads for it until some one has a sale on them. The Thomas Kinkade Disney kit- I've opened and will start soon. I'm going to substitute 28 count light blue Jobelan for the 14 count Aida that came in the kit. Lastly I bought a kit of one of my favorite Norman Rockwell paintings- "Stockbridge, Main Street at Christmas"- sorry no way to get a good picture of it.

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