Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stitch From Stash September

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Only three months left to Stitch From Stash. It's a good thing that I have some budget from earlier this year. I have been spending lately. The accounting for this month:
       Budget from last month: $47.69
       Add                                  $25.00
       Total                                $72.69
       Spent                               $32.70
       Budget to carry over       $39.99

A Finish:  She's done!!"The Quiltmaker"
I tried to take an up close picture to show the gold thread but my camera wouldn't cooperate.
I haven't finished adding the beads to Christmas Spirit yet. I did remove the silver beads- I just wasn't happy with them. Hopefully it will be finished by the next Stitch From Stash report. I am happy with the finishes, but what I have spent is for my next starts.
Here they are:

First Halloween House by Ursula Michael for Imaginating and Stitcher's Days of Christmas (SDC) by Sue Hillis. I already had the fabric for Stitcher's Days of Christmas but not for Halloween House. I also needed to buy floss for Halloween House(HH). I did the gridding for SDC while I was waiting for the fabric for HH- and now I am about halfway through the gridding for HH.I think that these will be quicker stitches then the others I did this year. I've put the Disney one on hold- I'd like to find a lighter blue fabric for it.

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