Saturday, November 22, 2014


        Other people have bucket lists- but I call my list the IIWTL list- the "If I Won The Lottery" list. This year I've crossed two items off my list, not because I've done them, but because I'll never be able to do them. One is Elly Sienkiewicz's Applique Academy. One of the reason I decided to join Stitch From Stash was to save money to go in 2015 because it would be their 20th anniversary. Last year she put out that she would like to sell it- so I figured if I was going to go I should go soon. Unfortunately they decided to end it after this year's academy. There are two academies which have been started to take it's place- one in Texas and the other in Williamsburg, Va.- but they won't be the same. The other cross off is Martha Pullen's School of Art Fashion or perhaps one of her licensing schools. I mentioned in an earlier post that her company was sold and she is no longer with it. So again not the same.
          One want to do that is left on my list is Just Cross Stitch's Christmas in Williamsburg (although it is now called Annie's Needle Arts Festival). It is held the first weekend in December. I'd really like to do it, but it simply is not in the budget. So last year I decided to do a "Stay-at-Home Retreat".  One of the reasons for doing a retreat is to learn new things. For this reason I chose a design to do which had specialty stitches. Now, I know that there are somethings that I will miss- not getting to meet the designer and fellow stitchers, but  the internet and you tube will partially make up for that. They are also a great resource for how to do stitches. This is the design I selected to do:
It is from Just Cross Stitch November/December 2012 issue.  I picked this design because it reminded me of Williamsburg and because of the specialty stitches- actually so far all the stitches are specialty stitches. According to the pattern the following stitches are in the design: smyrna cross stitch, rice stitch, framed upright stitch, upright stitch, horizontal cross stitch, two sided Italian cross stitch, vertical tied cross stitch, horizontal tied cross stitch and knotted cross stitch. In true retreat tradition I've not done very much.

Yep, another UFO. This will be on my to do list for next year.
Even though I called this a Stay at Home retreat - I didn't do this at home. I started it over Christmas last year down in Wilmington. My sister and brother-in-law rented a cottage and family gathered for the holidays. Some views I looked at while stitching and the room where I did some of the stitching:

I did splurge for the threads- buying the specialty threads suggested. I substituted 32ct Lugana instead of linen. I have also decided to do another Stay at Home Retreat for this year. I have chosen the pattern and have purchased most of the supplies needed. I'll post about them the first weekend in December.
The cost for the Annie's Needle Arts Festival this year in Williamsburg:
    Basic cost (includes 4 nights lodging, one class, 1 dinner, 1 lunch, 3 breakfasts and snacks and gifts)= $1,150.00, add early day class $125.00, add additional class $375.00, add additional night $130.00 (after all if I'm going to go I might as well do as much as I can) gives a total of $1,780.00. Add to that the meals that are not provided, the travel expenses and any stash and I figure that it would be over $2,000.00. The cost so far for this year's retreat= $74.64. I figure I'm saving at least $1,900.00. Do you think I can add that as a bonus to my Stitch from Stash challenge this year?

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