Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Stitch From Stash

The year has passed so quickly- next week is Thanksgiving(U.S.) and then Christmas. Only one more month for SFS. I always planned for next month to be my splurge month because of all the sales (hopefully) that shops will have. I need to buy supplies for the projects for next year. First the accounting:
   Balance: $71.91
   Add:         25.00
   Minus:      82.35
  New balance: $14.56
  Bonus*=     $1,900.00 (*see previous post for explanation)
  Available for spending next month: $1,914.56
What I purchased this month: Patterns(Brooke's Books had a special on her Etsy site for 14 of her Spirit patterns for $25 (normally I think they cost $6 apiece)), a pattern for my Stay at Home Retreat(including some threads and beads), Just Cross Stitch 1991-2001 CD (bought from Amazon with a gift card), and 1 package of Mill Hill beads to finish Christmas Spirit. I also bought some patterns for gifts-to be started after threads and fabric purchases next month.

A finish!! Yes, Christmas Spirit (designed by Joan Elliott) is finally finished. Because I chose not to use the silver beads and use only the crystal ones I ran out of them. I had to wait until I got an order in. (There no longer a  LNS close.)

I have to say that the beaded snowflakes were a pain to do. Most of them I had to do parts of at least twice to get them right. The large one just above the purple ribbon in the picture above, I had to do 4 times to get it right. I don't know why they were so hard- none of the other beading was that difficult.
I did start Halloween House. 

Mel will be deciding what next year's SFS will look like. I will decide whether to join it for another year based on how she sets it up.

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