Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stitch From Stash April 2014

     I'm posting this Stitch from Stash a little early this month because I have some other projects which will keep me from stitching for the next couple of weeks.
     First the accounting:
            Balance from last month : $52.63.
            Spent this month: $0.00
            Balance to carry forward: $77.63.

I did see something I want to get- the Just Cross Stitch  dvd for the years 1991-2000. Someday I probably will downsize to a smaller home and I'll have to downsize the number of magazines I'll be able to store. Also some of these magazines I don't have. 

Now for the pictures:
This is where The Quiltmaker was in February:
This is where she is now:

 She has a face! What is left is lots of blue skirt.
Pretty pumpkins was finished last month but I didn't have time to post the pictures:
Where I left it before the backstitch:
With the backstitch:

And finally Christmas Spirit- I'm in the middle of doing the backstitching and I'm too lazy to take it out of the frame so here is the bottom half: (Ignore the dates on the pictures- I had changed the batteries in the camera and didn't update the dates)
 I was a little worried that I would run out of the gold metallic thread and would have to order another- sadly there is no longer any LNS that I could run to to buy one- but it turned out- there was just enough.

What my projects will be for the next couple of weeks- my city has an e-cycling and paper shredding event coming up. I have an old computer and want to get a box of old papers to shred together. The other project is this: I also have an embroidery machine and have purchased from Martha Pullen her internet embroidery designs. She sold her company years ago to Hoffman Media- which also published Just Cross Stitch magazine. The Martha Pullen company has now been sold to F+W company. Sadly much of the company seems to be disappearing (including Martha-she and F+W couldn't agree on a contract)- so before these embroidery designs disappear- I need to download and organize all the designs I've purchased. Hopefully I will get a little stitching done before the next Stitch from Stash report.


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